For Press interview requests with Artzenin to discuss her biography (virtual or in person), please contact her Social Media Publicist at: artzenineklektos@gmail.com. Be sure to include details in your email and any necessary information that you think we will need to know. The Press's acting representative for the company or their CEO are required to file a application, not the press employee. 

For all event booking requests with Artzenin to discuss her novel series (virtual or in person), please contact AE Publishing  at: officialaepublishing@gmail.com. Whether you are a certified employee, CEO or a acting representative for a company, you are required to submit a application for this request to be valid and provide all necessary legal documentation and ID credentials when asked.

Fee Policy: We do not charge people for these interviews. We will record the events and she will have basic security, but other than that it does not cost anything to schedule interviews or booking events with Artzenin. All traveling and food expenses are paid by AE Publishing if she is required to travel to you, but if you must travel to her you must pay your own travel and food expenses. If you do not have the means to travel to her we can meet you in the middle with fees and try to work something out so you can see Artzenin. By clicking the box on the form below you agree and accept the Terms of the Fee Policy.

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