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Legal Disclaimer: The Search For The Griffin series is rated "T" for Teen (15+), "M" for Mature (18+) and "E" for Everyone. Depending on which series you decide to read first will determine if it is T, M or E.  In each finalized novel there will be a notice stating which rating it is so parent(s) and legal guardian(s) can decide if their children can read Artzenin's novels, need to stop reading until they're older or give consent to them to read if they're not of legal age in their country to be exposed to Christian theology and Christian witnessing. 

Warning: All eBooks and their lores on this website are Copyright © Artzenin Eklektós. All rights reserved. Every eBook, lores, their characters or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal. All of what you will read is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead) businesses, companies, events or locales is entirely coincidental. eBooks and lore books are free to download and read for private use. The eBooks and their lores will never be sold in U.S. or global online trade bookstores and wholesalers. Do not upload and resell eBooks or lores on your personal website, fansite in the U.S. or global online trade bookstores and wholesaler websites.

Novel Artwork: Want to see the illustrations? To view past and upcoming artwork for the novels, go to Anointed Works's website. Like the novels, all artwork is in Beta Phase and will be updated as Artzenin completes them.


Book 1

Lore 1: Cherished

Lore 2: Debonair & Esknee
Lore 3: Lost

Book 2

Secret Lore:  Mishap
Lore 1: Love Shadow
Lore 2: Dissembler
Lore 3: Long Suffering (Coming soon!)
Lore 4: Wild
Lore 5: Shameful
Lore 6: Scars
Lore 7: Ambiguous
Lore 8: Theos Complex
Lore 9: Omnism
Lore 10: Sexist 
Lore 11: Old Norse
Lore 12: Knowledge
Lore 13: Apathetic 

Book 3

Lore 1: Abomination
Lore 2: Devoted 
Lore 3: Love Affair 

Book 4

Lore 1: Casanova
Lore 2: I Dare You
Lore 3: Fractured Purpose
Lore 4: Balanced

Trying Not To Chase Aria
Book 1

Lore 1: Miss Perfect
Lore 2: Miss Rebel
Lore 3:
Lore 4: 

Sidney University

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Final Reality

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Lore 1: Lock & Key

- Latest Release -
- Latest Release -
A black haired woman wearing a white blosue.

About Search For The Griffin

The Search For The Griffin (SFTG) is a Christian fantasy novel series composed of six segments readers will encounter on their journey and have the optional to read in chronological order or can choose to read out of order.  Those segments are: Milieu, Sidney UniversityTrying Not To Chase AriaFinal Reality and Duenna: The Last Prophet.  SFTG is very complex and may be hard to grasp if the reader does not understand basic/advanced fundamentals of Christianity, the Old Testament origin writings of the Bible that were written in Hebrew and New Testament origin writings of the Bible that were written in Greek.

If readers are clueless about Christianity and origin meaning, that's okay. The footnotes supplied at the bottom of the pages and the way Artzenin writes the stories in general will provide just enough information to help the reader understand the Bible references. SFTG translated means, "Search For The Truth", as the fictional deity's name means "truth". The series is designed to point people to the truth of

Yahweh-Jehovah and all 266 books.


Plese note that Artzenin accepts the whole Bible where many groups and Christians do not. What this means is SFTG will reflect the knowledge of books and letters of the 66 as well as the 200 books and letters that were wrongly removed from Yahweh's book. SFTG  touches on many themes and sensitive topics that are expressed through several characters who all have different backgrounds, political opinions and personal beliefs about God and spirituality. 

SFTG and the unique cast of characters from the six segments are connected to each other in some way. The lores  build off one another as well and many lores contain exclusive information and hidden characters the reader cannot meet in the main segments unless they invest into the lores. 

There is one man however, who is involved with the main characters and is responsible for the division of so many in the realm of SFTG and stops at nothing to see his ambitions become a reality. This same man who dares to challenge the sovereignty of Griffin, thinks himself a god and uses his intellect and resources to hurt others instead of helping them. It is up to the reader to figure out who this man is, why he hates Griffin so much and his sole purpose for being so invested in other character's lives.

Can the reader find the real truth Artzenin coded in her work or will they agree with the villain and his definition of what he believes the "truth" is?

A girl with bright purple hair in white shirt.

"Milieu is unique on so many levels. It's not a theme you'd expect a Christian author to touch on."

Channing Finch


"There are a lot of fun and disturbing social issues that pop up in Sidney University. I love the twist Artzenin did with the Grimm Brothers and Disney fairytales. We're so use to seeing a "happily ever after" with princesses and princes, but Sidney University shows a much darker, jarring situation for the princesses and princes before their happily ever after. College life, murder mystery and a hint of the Final Reality storyline really had my attention because I never knew what to except nor was I prepared for the topics Artzenin touched on in Sidney University."

Elijah Ford

"If you are a proud Woke (LGBTQ+) person or activist for them, Milieu, Trying Not To Chase Aria and Sidney University are a must read. AE does a good job at showing the reader why humanity should not endorse those lifestyles while also showing the importance of accepting the people who live them, but not their sins in a very respectful, caring way."

James Bardot

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