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  • Can I contact you outside of professionalism?
    Unless you are part of my inner circle, a business partner, a family member, an intermediate friend or whitelisted by my PR Team, you may not contact me outside of professionalism. When you talk to me on this website through the Live Chat or send me message on the Contact page, all of your conversations must be strictly business/professional/casual related. Messages or emails requesting to seeing photos (nudes, selfies, etc.) of me, inquiring of my age, real name, location and other invasive information is forbidden and will be ignored. Everything you need to know about me, videos and pictures of myself is posted on my official social media platforms and The Purifier page of the website.
  • What are your political views/association?
    None. I don't support or endorse liberals, conservatives, democrats or anyone who claims they are going to fix my problems or simply promise changes that are impossible to fix. No offense to these groups, but I don't want to be anywhere near them. I support the truth of shamayim and the Creator of such a place. This is clearly, not the answer you were looking for, but it is my answer and I hope you can respect it.
  • When is your birthday?
    My birthday is June 24th, 1988.
  • Are you available to chat?
    You can chat with me directly through the Live Chat during weekdays from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. However, I do not respond to messages after 4:00 PM or during the weekends. If you send me an email or message me after I'm out of the office or during the weekend, I will not reply until the start of the work week. Please respect my personal time and recreation during the weekends.
  • How do I find out if you're going to be doing any book signings or public appearances?
    Book signings are impossible at this time because all of my works are digital. I am looking into creating a physical signature so readers can request it whenever they want. All public appearances or online live sessions will be announced on my Discord server, the Home/News pages of my website and X.
  • How do I get your autograph?
    You can acquire my digital autograph two ways. Send me an email directly at: In the field, type [I Would Like A Autograph]. Click the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen or tap on the chat bubble icon on your mobile device, fill out the form and ask staff to send you a copy of my signature. My signature is handwritten on special paper with an embossed golden sticker seal. It is scanned and uploaded as a PNG file. This is how you know my signature is real and legitimate.
  • What is your email address?
    My personal email address is: My professional email address is: Please note these two emails are public and used for professional purposes. If you get emails from Google, Yahoo, AOl, Juno and other email domains with my name in it, do not open them. It's not me or from my email domain provider. The only domain email provider I use is Microsoft. At this time, only my personal email is active. Later on, I will active my professional email. I am telling you this now, so you know which emails legitimate and which ones are fake. Email Disclaimer: When you send me an email do not raid, spam, threaten my life, troll, doxx, use profanity or say anything else that will be perceived as harassment, harm to me or my image. You can say hi, ask me how I'm doing or inquire about my works. Keep your emails respectful, polite, clean and casual. Avoid sending emails with romantic intentions or hopes for "something more". Do not send emails requesting pictures of myself, selfies, nudes or my physical address. This is forbidden and anyone caught doing this will be banned from my website. If you're a member of my Discord server you will be banned from there as well.
  • What is your religion affiliation?
    I don't have one. It's a waste time and a means to control others. I do not ascribe to any particular religious denomination. As a follower of Elohim, I live by the truth of Elohim and Them only. As a mortal, it is our responsibility to learn, create, question and seek understanding. In order to be true to oneself, one must go beyond labels, influence of someone's ideologies and titles and explore the deeper truths found within ourselves and test the so called "gods" of what humans render true and see who is legit and who isn't. If one stands still when they're on fire and don't jump into the water, they will merely burn and perish into ashes. Likewise, people need to be willing to test what they believe and ask questions and seek truth until they find undeniable proof of what they believe. I did this for myself when it came to Elohim and so far, no other "god", "goodness" or " Great Spirit/Spirits" has risen up to debunk Yahweh-Jehovah, His indisputable claims or the historical people and documents that validate His claims and the artifacts of the Book (Bible). That being said, for legality purposes and simply because the church world won't reject human made titles and associations, I have to register my works under "Christianity" and this abused, defective, controlling term called "religion" for it to be acceptable and received by the church. Forced legalities aside, What I have is a genuine, sincere and real relationship with Elohim. I could go into a vast detail about how the Book is s proven historical document with artifacts and express how other notable people of history referenced several Book people, not to mention my one-on-one experience of seeing and meeting Yahweh, Ruach Ho Kadesh and Yeshua Christ in Türkiye during my YWAM (Youth With A Mission) training in 2009, but I don't want to nor feel that is something I should disclose to the public. Just know I had a personal and direct encounter with Elohim, it really happened, I tested them, had others test it, got out of "religion" and titles and live freely as a son (child/man or woman) of Hashem was intended to do from the start. I keep the Sabbath, so I don't fellowship on Sunday, but I do visit with other people who do worship on Sunday. I also tend to my online ministry and became a Hebrew ordained minister. Call me a Christian, call me whatever you need to, but I won't answer to those titles or the organized structure of that title or any title that is lumped in with the human-made faith known as Christianity. I follow Christ, I obey Hashem, I read origin to know the difference between His truth and "truth" of humans for a reason.
  • When did you become a writer?
    I became a writer at a very young age. In 1993 it became obvious I was good at writing and enjoyed writing, but in 2019 an interesting revelation came to me and I am going to share it with you. Ever since I was introduced into the workforce was to make money, pay bills, grow old and die. Yet, jobs didn't last, emp[loyers fired me for petty reasons or I had to leave jobs I loved because of racial and sexual abuse. The workforce was always changing and raising its standards, but writing never left and was always consistent, even in the chaos and my frustrations as a worker. Becoming disabled was the best thing to ever happen to me because I could write full time and actually enjoy my life. There are three things that I have come to enjoy and celebrate in my lifetime. The day of my birth, discovering my purpose and then fulfilling what is Hashem put them on this earth to do. For me, that purpose is writing. It was always there, I'm naturally good at it and I enjoy writing stories for Elohim and can't picture myself doing anything else.
  • Where do you get your inspirations from?
    Enemies make the best teachers. I get inspired from listening to certain genres of music for scenes. I observe my rivals' animations, their games and read their graphic novels for work purposes, never for pleasure. I disagree with the sin and sinful lifestyles and the demonic appearances of characters, nudity, profanity, etc. in these secular works. It's nothing but lies, filth and straight up evil. Well, it's no secret my rivals are more popular for these things, so prior to observing their secular works, I figure a way to purify the themes I see and use the knowledge I gather to my advantage in my stories. The Book (Bible) is the biggest foundation and inspiration for the theology in the realm of SFTG, but my rivals helped me think of and form various characters who are designed to portray the themes people like, but my characters have morals, ethics and suffer consequences for their bad decisions and their spiritual decisions.
  • Do your novels address sensitive topics such as LGBTQ+, same-sex marriage, abortion, pedophile, etc.?
    My novels will realistically express the views and beliefs of various communities in the fictional world I have created through my characters, but I don't support the sin of sexual immortality or lifestyle of sin. There are specific characters who support sin throughout the series. Sin is many things, such as LGBTQT+, abortion (murder), pedophilia, rape, sexism, theft, drunkenness, fornication (whoredom, living together and not married), etc. and my novels will have scenes that show a character's choice to sin, but that is not to be mistaken for a hidden message of support of sin. I support Elohim's Book and holiness as Hashem intended it to be. My novels will show sin for what it is, but not once do I teach readers the glorification of sin or encourage them to participate in it.
  • Why do you write under the penname Artzenin Eklektós?
    When I was kid, I watched an anime called Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure and as someone who was into anime and wanting to purify different themes of anime, this anime had my attention. It was a mecha theme and the only other mecha anime I was into was Mobile G-Gundam so I was instantly intrigued by it. Well, there is alien mecha and she is known as Artzenin, a fictional name Kazuki Yotsugua named Zinv, the real name of Artzenin. I thought Artzenin was (and still is to this day) a great protector, strong, elegant and made such an impact when she entered a space. I told myself as a kid when I saw her appear for the first time that I wanted to be like Artzenin--but in my writing. Believe it or not, there's no big significance behind "Eklektós" like there was for Artzenin. Eklektós in Greek means Chosen, which is the literal definition of my Hebrew name, Racheal. I am fond of my Hebrew roots very much and with Book characters I noticed that all of the men and women lived up to the meaning of their names. My name is Chosen, Yahweh choose me to write and accomplish many things for Him, but I like the Greek's spelling of Chosen, so in the end I selected the Greek spelling over the Hebrew. When I was debating on whether to use a penname or my real name I eventually decided to use a penname and combined two names that impacted me for different reasons. Those names are personal and very special to me, thus being the perfect candidate for my penname.
  • Are you a boy/lesbian/trans, etc.?
    No, I am none of the above. I get mistaken as a boy/lesbian/transgender all the time. I was born biologically as a woman from my mother's womb (I can't believe I have to say it like that now), but I take after my father more than my mother, so I reflect both genders. Honestly, I am not ashamed to be androgynous, there's nothing wrong with it. I naturally look like a woman and man, but if people look at my face and body structure, they can clearly see I am a woman. Sadly, the world has wrongly mistaken my appearance and me taking after my father as a mutation or a means to support a movement that I do not condone or will ever represent.
  • Are your soulmate characters of the same sex secretly into each other?
    Nope. They're all straight as a arrow, despite what you want them to be or think they are. I am the author and I want it to be known the soulmate (best friend) characters and the platonic romance they share with one another are 100% intended and canon. Unlike perverted and twisted humans in my reality, my soulmate characters live in societies that allow soulmates to express their pure affection towards each other. Why? Because their societies know the difference and don't pursue their best friends for sex, sexual relations or take on roles in a relationship that the opposite gender is supposed to fulfill. Characters such as: Griselda & Harper Sodium & Berkelium Neptunium & Lithium Neptunium & Kerta Kerta & Juvo Erbium & Holmium Gadolinium & Samarium Fluorine & Chlorine Hydrogen & Helium Silver & Gold And several other soulmate pairs throughout SFTG, are not seeking to have sex or form a sexual relationship with their best friend(s). These characters you will meet on your journey are strictly platonic. When they are with their spouses, the soulmate characters behave and act sexually towards their spouses. Furthermore, dialog and romance scenes for couples is significantly different from the platonic scenes soulmates have with each other.
  • Are you deceased?
    Not to my knowledge... sorry if you were hoping I was pushing up roses, but I'm thankful I'm still alive and able to write stories for my reader.
  • Are you married?
    Yes, I am married and proudly wear a Biblical rainbow wedding band to represent my spiritual marriage to the Elohim. This kind of marriage is known as "divine marriage". To better understand spiritual marriage as the Bible defines it you must read Bible scriptures that talk about spiritual marriage and look at it through Yahweh's eyes and not your own, because what He means and what our corrupted minds will think or assume are drastically different. My spiritual marriage is pure and not physical or sexual in any way. Men and women are the Bride Of Christ the moment they confess Him as their Lord and Savior. There can be physically married Christian couples who are bound to each other and the Lord, but I have decided to remain single on Earth and be bound strictly to the Hashem. I belong to the Them and no mortal man can have me in earthy marriage. Just to clarify so there isn't confusion or misunderstanding, LGBTQ+ marriage is not supported by the Book (Bible) and therefore the marriage of their community is void and does not apply to "Earthy marriage" that is referring to (1) man and (1) woman united under holy matrimony.
  • What Is SFTG about?
    Search For The Griffin (SFTG) is very complex and may be hard to grasp if the reader does not understand basic/advanced fundamentals of Christianity, the Old Testament origin writings of the Book that were written in Hebrew and New Testament origin writings of the Bible that were written in Greek. ​ If readers are clueless about Christianity and Hebrew origin meanings, that's okay. The footnotes supplied at the bottom of the pages will provide just enough information to help the reader understand the Book references. SFTG translated means, "Search For The Truth". The series is designed to point people to the truth of Yahweh-Jehovah and all the legit canon 266 books. Please note that Artzenin accepts the whole Book where many groups and Christians do not. What this means is SFTG will reflect the knowledge of those books and their holy doctrine that perfectly aligns, supports and points to the 66 and Yeshua Christ. SFTG touches on many themes and sensitive topics that are expressed through several characters who all have different backgrounds, political opinions and personal beliefs about God "gods", dogma and spirituality. ​ SFTG and the unique cast of characters from the five segments are connected to each other in some way. The lores build off one another as well and many lores contain exclusive information and hidden VIP characters the reader cannot meet or learn about unless they invest into the lores. There is one man however, who is involved with the main characters and is responsible for the division of so many in the realm of SFTG and stops at nothing to see his twisted vision become a reality. This same man who dares to challenge the sovereignty of the Trigonous thinks himself a god and uses his intellect and resources to hurt others instead of helping them. It is up to the reader to figure out who this man is, why he hates the Trigonous so much and his sole purpose for being so invested in other the characters' lives. Can the reader find the real truth Artzenin coded in her work or will they agree with this man and his definition of what he believes the "truth" is?
  • What genre is SFTG?
    Search For The Griffin is a Christian YA, fantasy, romance novel series. Each segment is an intriguing and captivating collection of tales that tells the story of people, their struggles, their desires and ambitions. Readers will meet many important characters in every segment that will connect them to other characters in novels, but the lores allow readers to delve into the minds of exclusive characters that further explain plot twists and key events pertaining to heroes and the antagonists. The overall story of SFTG follows the journey of people who are directly involved the Trigonous, a three-party deity family made up of two men and one woman. Griffin, the Father, Chalice the Mother and Avril Tryst, the Son. The three of them together are the Trigonous, but most the characters in SFTG only acknowledges Griffin or Avril and rarely speaks of Chalice because she is a woman or the characters refuse to accept that the Trigonous has a woman member and insists that all three are men.
  • How many segments make up SFTG?
    Search For The Griffin is composed of five segments. Those segments are: Milieu Trying Not To Chase Aria Sidney University Final Reality Duenna: The Last Prophet
  • How many novels and lores is there for each segment of SFTG?
    Milieu Series (4) Novels (23) Lores Trying Not To Chase Aria (1) Novels (4) Lores Sidney University (4) Novels (39) Lores Final Reality (4) Novels (12) Lores Deunna: Griffin's Chosen (1) Novels (6) Lores
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