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The Savannah

Hey there. Welcome to my official profile on my website. Here you can learn useful information about me and get a tiny glimpse of what I do as a independent business owner and as a minister.

"Fam, know your bible. Know what to do." --Artzenin Eklektos

A Smooth Introduction

Hey there. Looks like you found my profile on my organization's website. How lovely of you to stop by. Since you're here, you might as well check out my bio. It's basic, fairly simple, not too long or too short. I may add onto it as time passes, as I age and gain more experience or not. I'm actually too lazy and busy to keep up with the small stuff, but if I get a lot of motivation from my community, I would totally do it. Just saying.

Bio: I am a African American Christian Author, Novelist, GoodReads Author and anime artist. I am the the founder, President and CEO of my three non-profit organization: Anointed Works, AE Publishing, Unaligned Academy. I live in the nation of the USA by myself and I am happily single. I enjoy writing fanfictions when I'm not working on projects for the organizations and hanging out with my friends online and offline. I write about Biblical allegories using fantasy and express the dire need for people to repent in and come to Christ in every story I create. My strongest element readers will see in my stories is non-sexual soulmatehood. Pure love is the game I play and I admire everything about expressing a pure form of affection between people of the same, and opposite sex. Yahweh's love is indescribable, and what little he gave us I find most people can't handle it, but I was able to handle it and that's why I write about it.

I am not a lesbian, a boy, or trans. People mistake my natural masculine appearance as something more, and that's sad. If you take time to get to know me, you'll see very quickly that I am against sin, all forms of it, LGBTQ+ (Woke) lifestyles included. I work with the Woke communities, as such is my calling from Yahweh. I do this with honor and take pride in knowing I am not like most people, and leave a impression on others. I'm not here to save the world, or condemn it. I'm here to be a a source of clarity and shine my light in a the most darkest corners of people's minds and their hearts.

I am hated for what I do, slandered, and rejected by several groups, including the Christians, and that's okay. Their views, and opinions don't matter nor will it stop the ministry Yahweh gave me to do while I'm down here on this lovely little rock called Earth. I'm more than ready to die for my faith. I know where I'll go when death comes for me. It's the people who are alive and continue to sin against Yahweh that worry me.

Where Can I Find Your eBooks & See Your Artwork?

You can find the eBooks in the Shop, but to view illustrations of my novels you must visit my organization's website, click Zion Studio, then click on Galleries to view official artwork for each series.

When Are You Available To Chat?

During the weekdays people will see me engaging in the following communities:

1.) My website. Just click the chat bar located on the lower right section of your screen.

2.) AW Discord Server

Although I have social media platforms, those are not the place to engage with me personally one-on-one. I tend to respond quicker through Discord and my website, but don't worry. If you follow me on social media I will respond to you on a public feeds/walls. If I know you personally and you have been "Whitelisted", I will repsond in a DM. Read my Social Media Policy to learn more.

WARNING: I have a Social Media Policy that forbids me from sending DM/texts to minors under the age of 18, and people in general. For further depth behind this policy click on the link to learn more.

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