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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hope you're wearing your steel toed boots because it's about to get personal and blunt. This isn't an attack or a hate crime. It is the Bible and the Bible is proven historical document with artifacts to prove it's credibility. I personally tested every "god" to see who was real and who was fake. Yahweh, Yeshua and Ruwah (Godhead) was the only one who answered back. Plus they explained that all the other "gods" are fake. Just demons. They are not real and the Bible literally tells the reader that devils use "religion" as a means to distract humanity and control us. Then to make it worse they lump Yahweh into the midst of this garbage and declare all Christians as a "religion" and that Jehoshua is just another way, another "god" or doesn't exist period.

These types of people are blinded and want to be blind and refuse to see reason, but my novels promote the truth, and nothing but the truth. So, what does that have to do with my theme of writing? Everything. I don't just teach the truth, I also teach the areas the church overlooks. Such as soulmates, agape love, etc. However, people don't seem to understand or think it's possible to show affection or deep affection to someone in a non-sexual way and be heterosexual. That's a lie in itself. And I'm done with playing into people's fears and their man-made rules. I obey the Bible and Yahweh. Yahweh actually likes affection and the expression.

Sex is penetration, sex is personal and sex if done outside of holy matrimony between a man and woman, is a offensive to Yahweh. Affection, pure love that cast out all fear? That kind of love and admiration is fine. If people of the same gender or opposite genders chose to go beyond that and twist it like devils like to do, then that's not Yahweh's fault--it's the people who took something innocent and pure and decided it would be sexualized and associated to sexual themes.

Do I Support Sexual Immorality?

People need to know the difference between lust, affection, non-sexual affection, and the purity of Yahweh. This is a big issue, and I'm going to put an end to anyone's curiosity right now.  I, nor does my novels support sexual immoralities of any kind. What I support, is how the bible teaches agape love. A beautiful word in the Greek that defines Yahweh's type, and style of love. Now that that has been verified, let me go a little deeper in what I'm talking about. 

I show same sex friendships in Project M (Milieu), Project TNTCA (Trying Not To Chase Aria), Project SU (Sidney University), Project FR(Final Reality) and Project DTLP (Duenna: The Last Prophet). From start to finish, the reader will see this, and I am not ashamed of that. What I'm ashamed of is knowing that the churches I grew up in did not properly explain the whole Bible to me when it came down to two themes. Spiritual warfare and agape love. A lot of people often ask me why do I write about soulmates, showing them affectionate in scenes and they struggle to see my reason for it.

Some people who can't tell the difference accuse me as the author being double standard and they're convinced I'm trying to cover up a sexual message between the characters I write about, much less about my own sexual orientation. Yahweh rebuke these ignorant people for their foolishness! Anointed Works (AW) who is the co-author and myself understand the literal meaning of non-sexual soulmates in the Bible and understand Yahweh's love the way it's meant to be understood. They are a huge comfort, and aid in my writing journey. Not just for fanfictions but also for my the projects I create at the company. The reason I'm writing this post, the sole reason for this post, is to reinstate my position here in case people read my work, and don't understand what it is I'm trying to say. 

Breaking It Down

Where to start... I suppose I should start with my reason for doing what I do, huh? All of my fanfictions and original works, minus a small number focuses on pure love and affection in friendships of either gender and the depth behind that love. I first practiced this theme of writing with my fanfictions. Throughout the entire series of my fanfictions, the soulmate factor is constantly present. Not in a obsessive way, but in a gentle, kind sort of way that only happens when the characters desire to show it. To those who claim "soulmates" are a concept or mere fantasy, I'm sorry. That is incorrect. Soulmates exists both as a sexual and non-sexual companions. However, the soulmate factor I use strictly comes from the bible.

The bible speaks of sexual and non-sexual soulmates as well so I'm not ashamed of moving characters in my projects, like Hydrogen and Helium in these ways. It is not being hypercritical, it is simply the bible and a pure love that the world no longer seeks, understands and in my experiences, desires to see in society. Whether people around the world like it or not, want it or not, claim it or not, soulmates who love on each other non-sexually exist. Depending where you live in the world and depending on how well you know Jewish/Greek biblical history, a reader may or may not understand where I and the AW Staff are coming from. We are using agape in the series, not the other three words the Greek have. There are six Greek definitions for "love".

  1. Eros - Sexual passion. The first kind of love was eros, represents the idea of sexual passion and sexual desire.

  2. Philia - Deep friendship and personal.

  3. Ludus - Playful love.

  4. Agape - Unconditional, pure, child innocence and genuine love for everyone.

  5. Pragma - Longstanding love.

  6. Philautia - Love of the self.

Agape love at its core, is also, philia, ludus and pragma too. The more you understand what it is and how it works, one will see how those other definitions come into play. Displaying this sort of theme is not believable between people in real life or in fantasy unless both parties are disciplined and choose to understand what is verses what it isn't. In Project M, Project SU, Project TNTCA and Project SU the soulmatehood is fueled by agape until the stories are over. If that offends someone who chooses to sit down, and read my stories, then simply stop reading, and leave.

I will not redefine the theme or modify how my characters act around each other in the novels. This kind of affection will show hugging, nuzzling, caressing, and kissing of appropriate areas of the body. What does this mean? You can do these things in ways that do not lead up to sex or mean sex. You can touch someone, without crossing a line. You can show godly love to someone and not make a mockery of what the bible defines as "brotherly affection for one another". 

If the reader can not make that distinction, then that is the reader's fault. I, and the Staff respect others opinions, and remarks to this sort of theme but we will not listen or reply to reviews or private messages that clearly are attacking the theme outside of context. I have made this statement here and in the novels not to come off as a dictator, but to show people what is happening and the direction the novels will go. If a reader can't accept that, I nor the Staff can help you or change your mind.

We can only offer clarification of the writing style and the storyline's purpose. I'm doing this because I'm tired of seeing these best friends of the same gender or opposite gender, claiming they're best friends from birth, only to grow up and fall in "love" with their best friend. This is what all these games and sitcoms are teaching our children and I'm sick of it.

My novels teach healthy, safe approaches to these kinds of topics for a reason. Our children need to know the difference and see it in context. Otherwise, the TV shows and social medias are going to influence them to believe that affection, even simply affection is just sexual. Holding hands, tickling, kissing on the forehead or cheek, stroking one's cheek is just sexual. I'm sorry, that's not how this works. God is pure love and family driven affection or pure affection in general, should not be lumped in with the garbage from the secular side.

One way or another, people will have to understand that when they pick up my novels and if they can't handle that, oh well. I'm not going to sit here and pretend shows like Steven Universe, and Adventure Time is okay. They're not. And newsflash, they show kindness, heart-felt concern and worry for their lovers the exact same way heterosexuals do. The exact same way a Christian should do when they see their brother or sister in Jehoshua. See why there's a problem? See why it's wrong to allow Satan to get away with showing that love in these secular things, but then putting his own twist on it and it's somehow being accepted as equal to God? I will not tolerate people slandering my work if they are allowing their children or they themselves, sit there on their couches and engage with this kind of filth and think, "This is wrong. Don't do it." but then the second they see me, a Christian daughter of Jehoshua, hug a girl and say to my face,

"Are you a homosexual?"


"You're sleeping with her."


"Stop that. It's wrong. Stop holding her hand or massaging her shoulders. It's nasty."

But then watch these shows and movies like 50 Shades Of Grey, 50 Shades Darker, 50 Shades Free and then accuse me of being immoral because I teach healthy same-sex friendships and allow my characters to show godly affection? Yeah, not a fan of that. Not if the Christians are accepting the secular then trying to say the holy factor is no different. So, in a nut shell, a true soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, comfort, intimacy, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility or trust.

Soulmates can still however, be considered the romantic partner that ones marries or someone who remains a companion and never marries. However, the biblical soulmate that I use, is the companion soulmate. Please understand that in the novels I create, friends of same-sex and opposite sex who are best friends, will never have sexual intercourse with each other. They are accused of it in their stories, but they are straight. Not asexual, not "confused", not in "denial", they are straight. Just because they are straight, and deeply linked with each other, show affection to the highest degree and have agape love for each other, does not mean they are incapable of sexual desire for the opposite sex. As people learn me through my work and read the novels and observe the characters, they will see what I'm talking about in time.


Copyright © 2019 Artzenin Eklektós

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektós


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