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Updated: Feb 19

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Hope you're wearing your steel toed boots because it's about to get personal and blunt. This isn't a attack or a hate crime. It is the Bible and the Bible is proven historical document with artifacts to prove it's credibility. I personally tested every "god" to see who was real and who was fake. Yahweh, Jehoshua and Ruwah (Godhead) was the only one who answered back. Plus they explained that all the other "gods" are fake. Just demons. They are not not real and the Bible and the 13 books that was removed in 1611 always said how devils use "religion" as a means to distract humanity and control us. Then to make it worse they lump Yahweh into the midst of this garbage and declare all Christians as a "religion" and that Jehoshua is just another way, another "god" or doesn't exist period. These types of people are blinded and want to be blind and refuse to see reason, but my novels promote the truth, and nothing but the truth. So what does that have to do with my theme of writing? Everything. I don't just teach the truth, I also teach the areas the church overlooks. Such as soulmates, agape love, etc. However, people don't seem to understand or think it's possible to show affection or deep affection to someone in a non-sexual way and be heterosexual. That's a lie in itself. And I'm done, with playing to people's fears, and rules. I obey the bible, and Yahweh, and he actually likes affection. Sex, is penetration, sex is personal, and sex if done outside of holy matrimony between a man and woman, is a offensive to Yahweh. Affection, pure love that cast out all fear? That kind of love, and admiration, is fine. If people chose to go beyond that, and twist it, like devils like to do, then that's not Yahweh's fault--it's the people who took something innocent, and pure, and decided it would be sexualized, and associated to sexual themes.