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Who Should Read?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Legal Disclaimer: The Search For The Griffin series is rated "T" for Teen and "M" for Mature. Allow me to explain why I don't want parents or legal guardians allowing their children under the age of (15+) to approach my work and teenagers of the age of (18+) to read my work. Depending on which series a you decide to read first will determine if the novel is T or M. In each novel my Rating Age Agreement policy will state which rating it is. I start at 15 because most, if not all teenagers are already sexually active, pregnant, teen parents, have been bullied, think of suicide, self-harm themselves, have done some kind of drug or gateway drug or know people who have done these acts.

Therefore, I believe the themes in my novels are not going to shock anyone of that age range. However, there are other themes in certain novels from each series that touch on sensitive topics, such as suicide, self-harm, domestic violence and I do not advise teenagers under the age of 18 to read those specific novels of the series until they are older or have permission from their parents or legal guardian to do so.


Are My Novels For Everyone?

No. The novels are recommended for ages 18+, and older. If you're thinking,

"What kind of Christian author are you? That's terrible." 

First, I would like to point out that the Bible is very graphic, violent, sexual and spiritual depending on what books you read. The bible shows us what to do and what not to do. The Bible includes several forbidden themes of sin such a rape, premarital sex, magic, divination, murder, rape, theft, war, spiritual warfare, people consumed by rage and making stupid decisions, sexual immoralities of all kinds, disturbing truths about people's public lives and their private lives, etc.

Now that I've stated this, people need to also understand that these novels, though fantasy driven, are still founded on the word of Yahweh from start to finish. I show people's faults, weaknesses, strengths, good choices vs. bad choices and openly have characters discuss their problems and also, show what he/she does in their sinful lifestyles. This does not mean, I emphasize sinful behavior but at the same time, I do show a visual of what is happening in character's lives for better or for worse. Why? Because some people need to read to understand and some people, like myself, are visual/audio learners.

The artwork that is posted on my non-profit organization's website will show the lives of my saved and unsaved characters. If you do not like what you see, they don't have to like what I am representing in a scene. That's all right. But I am a visual person and sometimes, I need artwork to give context and that is what my artwork is for. Context. I would not recommend my novels to people weak in faith or to those who are immature and lack wisdom. To those who are strong in their faith and wise, I say to them: let those with ears let them hear and receive the messages in my work with good cheer. But no matter who reads, he/she must understand that the content is designed for disciplined, mature minds.

What Am I Teaching The Public?

I teach nothing but the Bible, and I'm doing it though Christian allegories. Honestly, if people liked C.S. Lewis's Chronicles Of Narnia, I don't see why they won't find my work appealing. Then again I'm not C.S. Lewis. I'm me. And I'm also not trying to compete with a dead man's legacy. I have deep respect for him, but my work was not inspired from his series. My work was inspired by a video game series I can no longer play due to the corruption it promotes. 

Final Fantasy. Now that was a masterpiece of creativity that rightfully should have been the Yahweh-Jehovah's. If the Japanese would just use their gifts to glorify Yahweh, and the bible, that series would be remarkable. The artwork, the music, the background art--it's breathtaking. It's such a shame I had to walk away from that series because of their false doctrine, and sadly, idolatry theology that was becoming more, and more evident with each game they released. 

Keep in mind the allegory novels I create are not the Bible, and they can't save people. What they can do however, is be used as a teaching tool that promotes Godly morals, and behavior. I do not depend on fantasy to save people, I use fantasy as a stepping stones to point people out of dark fantasy, into reality, and to Jehoshua. I have dedicated the rest of my adulthood to doing this. And I'm going to do with or without people's approval or permission. I answer to no one but my Maker, and it was the Godhead who had prepared me from an early age to do what I'm doing today. Even sickly, and disabled, I'm drawing constantly, and writing these stories. I happily do it, convinced someone out there is going to be touched, and will start to move in the right direction.


Copyright © 2019 Artzenin Eklektós 

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektós


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