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Clergy Certified

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Ordinance = Responsibility

I will be receiving my ordnance license soon, and that is good. It is not something I chose, but the Lord told me to do. However, with this comes responsibility, and biblical responsibility. I am aware the world wants to legalize sin and sinful marriages, I am aware there are groups that claim they are of God that do not follow Yahweh’s teachings when it comes to these things. I have already been asked to perform a wedding but had to decline it when this person told me they wanted to marry the same gender. So, prior to my marriage license I want people to be aware of where I stand on this despite he corruption of governments, and societies.

I will:

  • Use my license to enter jails/hospitals to minister to people.

  • Marry couples who understand the biblical principles of marriage under holy matrimony and are saved by the grace of Yeshua Christ.

  • Uphold the law of the Holy Scriptures.

  • Provide consoling to couples who desire to marry.

  • Teach the origin text, and the whole Bible, which includes the books and letters that were removed.

I will not:

Marry those who support LGBT, or couples in that community. Don’t ask. The Bible is very clear that all sin is evil and cannot enter heaven, and that branch of sin is not Yahweh’s will. He said you sin against your own soul, and it is a wicked act. This world is failing in morality, but Yahweh expects me to do the right thing. It is not a “hate crime”, it is not a attack on anyone, this is simply Yahweh said no, and as Christ’s ambassador I cannot conform to the system of this fallen world, no matter what governments, and people say.

Marry people, and their animals. That is not okay, and I will refuse anyone who asks.

Mary people and their family. As in, brothers sisters, 1-3 cousins. Bible said no to this as well, and I will not join family members in society that come to me, and ask to be married.

Those who are adults that are attracted to children or force themselves onto a child.

Console couples who live in fornication, and refuse to repent of their sin. This means, they want marriage advice, but are not interested in separating themselves before marriage, and make excuses to stay together in the sin.

Marry more than one wife and husband. Yahweh made it clear, that we are to have one spouse, and I do not support multiple marriages for the marriage bed is not defiled. I am aware men in the Bible had more than one wife plus harlots but that wasn’t Yahweh’s will or purpose, they choose to do that, and unlike them I will never condone such a sin. If anything those stories showed me what not to do, and people who require me to marry them to more then one person will not be tolerated.

Why Not? God's Love, So Just Marry Me Artzenin!

If you think I'm being unreasonable, I'm not. It's the Bible. It amazes me what people have allowed into the church to be legalized, and what men, and women of God bless in their name. Yahweh, Ruwah and Yeshua are not deaf, they are not blind, they are not going to compromise on their morals, laws, and standards, and neither will I as a minister, or a person who will be approved by the state to wed people under the name of God. Yahweh's version of love, and humanity's version of "love" are different. Yahweh loves those who fear Him and keeps his commandments. Shove all the flawed bibles in my face and yell all day long. When people die, his original edition will stand, and many will find themselves burning in Hell if they don't quit their foolishness.


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