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Refined Fire

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

There are 6 things Yahweh hates and 7 an abomination. Well, there are 6 things I see in the so-called church that I hate and 7 an abomination.

1.) Spiritual gifts out of order and context. Mainly the gift of tongues. It’s not wrong but how people do it around where I live is.

2.) Parents allowing themselves and their children to dress immodestly. Cleavage, showing of the lower back, all of their legs, men walking around without shirts.

3.) The church ignoring Revelation and allowing sin to still enter in and ordain people as ministers who promote sin or legalize sin.

4.) People who think they can be in Yahweh’s kingdom—and not walk in his commandments or light and say they’re “Christians.”

5.) People who think swearing and profanity is okay, just a matter of “opinion”. It’s sin, but hey. Everyone does it anymore so it must be normal right? No. It makes Yahweh angry, and as children of light why would we want to use profane language and “Hell”, “piss” , “jackass” or “ass” outside of the Bible? Hell is a horrible place to go, and torment. Piss is simply urine or pee. Ass or jackass is a mule, a donkey a animal. When someone calls me those names outside of context it’s sad. I am not a animal, so why do Christians say it to each other? If they read their bible and do it God’s way they would realize that blessings and cursing come from the same mouth and the most wild animal to tame is the tongue.

6.) False doctrines. I’m not even getting into how ridiculous this one offends me and the spirit of Yahweh in me. False doctrine and warning to not do it is written in Old and New Testament and yet... we still have them? Not just from anywhere but from the church? Really? No, that is something I can’t even understand how it works. 2+2 is 4. Likewise, what part of “Do not add unto my word or subtract...” did preachers and seminary schools not understand? Please keep your theology views, and personal opinions of what you think the Bible is to yourself and stop confusing the flock of Christ.

7.) Allowing and accepting marriage and the jaded thinking of sinful lifestyles (LGBTQ+) and murder (abortion) and other high offense sins that the church should never see as "okay".

Not only are the things I listed off annoying to deal with, it’s damming. It gives the lost further reason to not trust Yahweh. Test everything, and anything to see if it is of God, or Hell. Funny how a majority of false doctrines that claim to be “holy”, never was tested by the founder or their teams, or was confirmed by Ruwah to them. Let alone lining up with the actual text of the holy scriptures. It’s scary how quick people all over the world follow a founder of a organization but don’t have the courage to test it or look in the origin of Hebrew/Greek texts to find out what’s really being said in context.

It’s so black and white, and direct there’s not room for mistranslation so how is it that we have over 500 translations of one book? That’s should seriously bother and disturb the church not make them feel happy or comfortable their Lord’s book has been re-edited, and have read verses removed, let alone legit books the world today still debates over. Half the Bible is missing and people get mad about that, but want to swear by a false translation that says sexual immorality is okay? So we remove the 13 books that’s been proven historically and can be verified in other books—by allow the world to make the Queen James Bible?

We doubt the book of Wisdom Solomon wrote, and have had people want to remove the book of James in the past, and translations about Christ was in his right mind on that cross—then turn around and remove Sheol, it’s meanings, and Hell from new bibles and preach that is divine given from Yahweh-Jehovah? People that’s completely ridiculous. False doctrine is more than just adding and subtracting words or entire books. False doctrine is in many forms, and unless you have the spirit of discernment and test the spirits, it will be difficult to see it, or reject a certain mindset others of the world from the church have preached into humanity for years.

People portraying a “I love you” Jehoshua only, and not showing his wrath, and vengeance, and leaving out all scripture that does speak of war, wrath, vengeance, etc. So when Jehoshua said “I came to bring a sword, not peace”, and in Luke, “Bring my enemies before me, and slay them...” and just basic verses telling the reader Yahweh will destroy the wicked for their sin in the old tenement, and will cast the sinner without the blood of Christ over them into Hell was just them pretending? Was just a joke? A bluff? Nah, it’s real, and I and disgusted that Christians try to either say Hell has no pain, no effect or Hell doesn’t exist at all.

No where in the origin text or King James did Hell not exist. It was created for the fallen seraphim. It was created by the Godhead. No getting around that. Jehoshua preached more on Hell in Sheol than anyone else yet Christians keep promoting a hippie Jehoshua that accepts sin, sinners and will love them no matter what they do... this is such a horrible deception of Lucifer and the devils. No wonder they like using the word “religion” something else that Christianity isn’t—but the world thinks is a thing that must be counted as such.

As long as people remove the hard core reality that Yeshua is not just a savior by a King, and did create Sheol, and Hell, and Hades, and Tartarus, they will not understand the bigger picture and be stuck in the typical “If God is such a big loving God how could he send a person to Hell.” mode and that is a bad place to be if you are a born again Christian. God loves us yes, but the cross was not given easily or as means to allow us to keep sinning the cross was given as means to make us stop sinning. Yes we are to love our neighbors and strive for peace but don’t look for peace and happiness in a system where devils are present.

Yahweh, Ruwah and Yeshua are peace, anything outside of them is chaos. People who have Christ have peace or should have peace, and that is to be reflected but warfare happens and it is not a sin to defend your home or country and lay down your life. It is a sin to murder in cold blood and to rise up and shed innocent blood. I refuse to tell someone they’re sinning or have failed Yahweh because they picked up a weapon. Weapons don’t kill people—people kill people.

Someone had to shoot or fire a weapon and all through the Bible Yahweh told Israel what to do when to do and how to do it and yes, sometimes people had to fight. Sometimes people died, by Yahweh command so don’t think for a second the sword is wielded in vain when there is scripture to support it. Yahweh is love but he loves those who obey him, Yahweh loves people hated their sin. See the difference? Christ is our grace but we are never to take that for granted. Read the entire book of Hebrews it explains this and shows a person why they cannot willfully sin. Once saved always saved doesn’t work.

In order to for the name to be “blotted out of the book of life” it had to be there first. People can start out great then loose favor with Yahweh. Don’t say “they were never saved to start with.” Some cases that is valid but in other cases a person truly was saved, but by their free will, and choices they did what the writer in Hebrews called “willfully sinning” and when that happens there remains no more sacrifice.

Will It Ever Stop?

I am only 30 and this world is helpless. There are too many divided people with divided thinking, with divided upbringing, with divided translations of the holy scripture. The closer I get to Yahweh the more offended I am at the world and how others behave, allow, or don’t perform correctly as directed by the word. Then I get even more righteously cross when they promote translations that add and subtract from the word but then want to judge me because I read the origin and know the proper meanings of Hebrew and Greek and they think it’s “outdated”? A outdated text that clearly says sin is sin no is no.

Never mind that new translations that have actually taken Hell out, and even support sin. If people want to read flawed translations and not do their homework, that’s on them. But it amazes me when I use the actual origin, how much hate and resistance there is to it.

I’m convinced the 7 things I hate will never go away, only when Jehoshua comes back down here and reclaims his throne, and the new kingdom in a perfect realm without sin is demolished.

No more division in his bride, no more false doctrines, and traditions of people. No more parents allowing themselves and their children to dress like the world or simply be immodest, no more confusion over who’s Bible says what, no swearing and profanity, and no more people in sin (labels are a waste of my time. Sin literally covers the rebellion, and abominations the Bible speaks on) trying to say they can be saved, and know God, and no more spiritual gifts outside of context without proper translation as the Bible directs. I am looking forward to this for various reasons. Mainly because I am tired of seeing a sick, repetitive, cycle and humanity hurting their maker with their foolishness.

Scriptures References

If you love me keep my commandments. (John 14:15)

I love them that love me (Proverbs 8:17)

Ruwah whom Yahweh gives to them who obey him. (Acts 5:32)

And by this we do know that we know him. If we keep not his commandments he that says “I know him.”, and keep not his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him. (1 John 2: 3-4)

Don’t you know that friendship with the world is enmity with Yahweh? Whoever will be a friend with the world is the enemy of God. (James 4: 4)

Let no man deceive you with vain (empty or evil) words. For because of these things comes the wrath (anger) of God upon children of disobedience. (Ephesians 5: 6-11)

Let no corrupt (evil) communication (talk) proceed (come) out of your mouth, but that which is good to use of edifying (building up). (Ephesians 4: 29-30)

But shun (avoid) profane (corrupt) and vain babblings for they will increase into more ungodliness. (2 Timothy 2: 15-16)


Copyright © 2019 Artzenin Eklektós

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektós


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