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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Why Are Fake Christians Winning?

I don't get something. How do people claim they're a Christian, love God, read the Bible then go and do the following and see nothing wrong with it? All the things listed below are sins, but no one in the evangelical world seems to think these topics are issues?

1.) Fornicate (living together not married/premarital sex)

2.) Swear/profanity/talking filthy

3.) Support sin/sinful lifestyles (LGBT+, rape, pro-choice, porn, murder, cannibalism, tattoos, piercings, etc.)

4.) Worship of idols, bowing to fake gods that are just devils.

5.) Slander the people who correct you in love, and tell you it's wrong and call it "condemning".

6.) Gossip behind a brother or sister's back, then when caught deny it, and act like it didn't matter or happen, and take no accountability for your actions.

7.) Denying the whole bible, which is legit, genuine, and trusting human words, human teachings, human traditions, and human theology, and not doing their homework for themselves. Preaching about the 66 books, but then deny how the 13 (and others) are confirming each other, future events, and are referenced in other 66 books. Really now? Really church? You're going to shun the whole bible, and get mad at people who accept the whole bible, then turn around, and preach lies that it doesn't exist, but then do the very things the 13 condemn, and teach against? You're going to outlaw Yahweh's entire book, when other nations know it, and the truth, and mock us for being in deny of the power there of?

8.) Promoting a theology that someone claims is truth, without testing it, and believing that what they've been taught is God's will, when the Torah plainly states what the will of Yahweh is. Example: You must speak in tongues to be save, you must be baptized as a baby, and not decide it for yourself, once saved always saved, repentance of sin is just "Old Testament", keeping of the whole law is "mosaic" people only AKA the Jews who in Judaism, deny the New Testament, the dismissal of spiritual gifts, and the list goes on, and on.

Teens, young adults, adults, elders--they're all guilty of these points. And as long as I breath in my body, I will continue to tell them in love, in humility as Paul did, if people stand by these points listed, they are wrong, not because I say so but because the very book they claim to read, is telling them they're wrong. Who is the greatest person to witness to? To minister to? To convince that Christ, and his teachings, and the books are true? The pagans? No. The stiff necked rebellious house of the church in many cases, are the hardest to witness to, work with, and correct. When people say to me,

"Artzenin, you're not perfect. Who are you to tell these people they're wrong?"

Firstly, the Bible says remove the speck from your own eye before attempting to remove it from someone else's. Second, when I was shown the truth by real God fearing, believing, sincere people, and Yahweh showed me personally where I was wrong, and proved to me with the scripture what was really being said in context--I repented, and acknowledged I was wrong, I was not seeing the truth properly, and asked Yahweh for wisdom for this very reason. I stop following people who do these things not because I'm better then them, not because I'm trying to shun them.

I don't want to be around people who do those things, and openly see nothing wrong with what they're doing. I don't want to be around people who take Yahweh's name in vain, who swear on purpose, who commit sinful activity in my presence and expect me to just "accept it", and be happy. No. I will stand by Yahweh, and do the right thing. I will love the sinner all day long, I will not take the approval of sin, and the mockery of the scripture home with me, or choose to sit among it.

The church is divided, this nation is divided, and I marvel at how each group, and each person believes they are correct in their theologies, and their teachings. Question... if everyone is correct, and everyone is without sin, why are we divided, and why are we in disagreement over the very book that reveals to us what sin is. Why is it so hard, for people to admit they're wrong? To admit, they are in sin, and need a Savoir to help them? Why is it so hard, for the so-called elect, to live a holy life?

Why can't people of any age, humble themselves, and put away their flesh thinking mentalities to acknowledge that what they're doing, is in fact sinful, wicked, acts in the eyes of Yahweh? Christ did not die for us to stay divided and like this, despite knowing how this will end. I know how the world will function, and I know it won't end until Revelation is fulfilled. But we are without excuse. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of Yahweh, but why on earth, are we choosing to stay in our fallen state, and not taking the free gift of God and then chasing after God. Not man-made traditions, or theologies, or beliefs, just God?

Is Yahweh and His lifestyle of holiness that hard? Or are we just that selfish, blind and foolish? There is a difference between fake and real. I am real and I know I'm real because when I speak the truth of the Torah people get mad and become offended. I know a Christian is fake when they speak of the Torah, but no one is mad or offended.


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