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Q: Who Is Your Targeted Audience?

Updated: May 18

There are two groups I write for. The LGBTQ+ and the youth. As Paul was called to bring the Good News to the Gentiles (Non-Jews), Yahweh tasked me in 2010 to bring the message of repentance and the true Christ to the Woke community, but also to the youth in general. The themes in my novels require mature, disciplined minds and the content I create is always designed to wake people up and show them the reality of what is going on in character’s lives, in their vice (the term used for “sin” in the fictional word) and the consequences of good and bad choices. I do not recommend Christians read my series, as they are saved and do not need a doctor for their sickness.

I strongly recommend people in the Woke community and the youth who want to understand why the sin of sexual immortality and sin in general is against Yahweh’s doctrine and His laws to read my series. Prior to reading, I encourage them try to find one character that has their pain, their views and their beliefs and pay close attention to how I use Griffin (God) to speak to that character and break things down for the character so he/she can learn why sin is wrong without the bias noise from the Christians. Christians of course can read the Search For The Griffin series and enjoy it, but they might be confused at the themes they see and the overall story line. Well, I'm not sorry. The Christians may be frosted at the content they're reading because it’s not wrote for them, hence it won't make sense to them. My novels will only make sense to Christians if they choose to see what it is I'm doing and respect my calling and my online ministry at Anointed Works.


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