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Q: Who Is Your Rival?

Rebecca Sugar in a yellow backdrop background.

The one. The only—Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe. I hate, deeply detest that she used her gifts to create satanic works of Hell. In a fallen world where division reigns and everyone is able to express their views, and truths, I am just going to be seen as someone who has an issue with her because she supports LGBTQ+ individuals. I am going to seen as someone showing hate speech and hating Rebecca for her personal choices. No. That’s not it at all. Let me explain something. Yeshua is a real person. Not a figment, not a mythology. An actual historical being, with artifacts, as well as evidence that points to the bible’s existence, and Jehoshua’s doctrine. The real Yeshuua Christ of the real Bible does not condone sin or sinful lifestyles whatsoever. This is not personal, but the whole world gets mad because Yahweh made Hell and has to send people (and fallen angels who sinned to this place.

Hell was not originally designed for us, it was created for Lucifer, and the fallen angels. However, free will exists for spirits, and for humans so depending on what we do with our free will determine our eternal destination. Yahweh doesn’t want us there. All 3 members of the Godhead make it clear they don’t want us there! It is a jail, reserved for those who break the laws of God. People are not going to Hell in the LGBTQ+ community because they love a person. They go there for loving a person and holding them in the light of holy marriage and a sexual relationship between (1) man and (1) woman. Let it be known anyone who sins, anyone with secret sins and does the very things Christ spoke against cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. No one. Black, white, woman, man--it will not matter. What matters is did that soul understand that they were a sinner, in need of a savior and needed salvation to be excused from the wrath and condemnation of God? His wrath is reserved for the wicked never the righteous.

I do not hate anyone, Yahweh does not hate anyone. But Yahweh is a judge, a king and does not tolerate sin in his presence or his kingdom. He will judge sin and anyone found in sin that is not covered by the blood of his son will be cast into the fire. Therefore, when Christ came, and told the world who he was, he gave us two choices. Either we accept he is the Son of God or we continue in our sin. Rebecca promotes a terrible sin, and feels strongly for her cause. I get that, and I understand that anyone in the LGBT community will hate me for coming against what they feel and believe is true. That’s fine. What’s not fine, is allowing them to think this, and not warn them at least once of what is truth, and what is a lie.

Rebecca affected so many with her lie in her stories and her TV show. She is my rival for this reason and I hope to one day meet her and sit across from her at a con. I hope she’ll see me and come over to my table and take Milieu and want to read it. That is the goal. And I do this because like Christ I desire all to come in, I desire to see all get saved and delivered from the lies of Hell and into the light where Christ is.


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