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At age 12, Yahweh asked me to be single for Him and not to marry. I didn't have an issue with this and happily became celibate for Him and enjoyed my celibacy to be honest. In 2019 Yahweh called me out of celibacy and told me if I want to marry I can or if I don't, I can remain single. I have chosen to remain single, however I also made it clear if Yahweh wanted me to marry, I will be open to the idea so until Yahweh sends me a husband, I'm spiritually married to the Godhead and I wear a biblical rainbow wedding band to symbolize my holy marriage to the Godhead. This is no polygamy in the slightest or some kind of creepy scandal. I realize that's how it looks, but that's not what it is and the motive of this spiritual marriage as the Bible puts it, is spiritual, holy and has totally different meaning in the spirit than the physical. People mock nuns who marry God. The foundation of spiritual marriage is a real, genuine thing for virgins such as myself or for a widow who no longer desires to remarry, but wants to devote her life to God until he/she dies. So how can I, a woman be married to the Godhead that consists of two men and a woman, when the Godhead made it clear sexual immorality is wrong?

Well... this is hard pill to swallow, but the Bible literally said those who are born again will become the brides of Christ. Christ is a man and men and women of the terrestrial realm who confess Christ, just got married to Christ, and Yeshua said He and the Father are one. If you read the whole Bible and the book of Sirach and Enoch, they tell you who the Holy Spirit is and her gender. The book of Enoch also tells you how the Godhead formed. Yahweh was first, Ruwah was second and the two of them begot Christ together and the three of them are one unit, but three separate people.

Other books and letters of the Bible explain the holy marriage factor for Christians, so by saying I am single, but married to God, please understand I am not sinning with them and I am not doing something unheard of in the church community. Furthermore, holy marriage of the Godhead as defined by their laws in heaven, is not bound to the laws they made for us as mortals. Meaning, their holy marriage is not sinful or contradictive to their law of sexual immortality. It is pure, sex is not involved in the holy marriage or the spiritual relationship whatsoever.

This is topic that is not discussed properly or in context. And yet, if a culture sees me advertise this spiritual marriage, I am called bad things and I have to die in some countries because my spiritual marriage is seen as a wicked act, but those same cultures promote multiple marriages, and having children with multiple people. Some cultures, even promote sleeping with both genders, marrying both genders and that's fine. But if I have a holy, untainted, non-sexual, spiritual marriage in this life and the one that is coming I'm somehow deserving of death, weird and a pervert? Wow. Really? Really? I hope that answered the question. If you're still confused about my holy marriage to the Godhead, message me on the live chat and I'll happily break it down and provide scripture for you should you need evidence of what I'm talking about.


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