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Updated: Feb 19

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Not Your Typical Minister

By now, I’m sure some are asking who am I, what am I about, what I do for a living, etc. I am many things, I am a very unique individual, and not well received by many. There is reason for this of course, but mainly because I do not embrace false doctrine, and stand on the origin texts of the whole bible which is a “controversy”. No. It’s not. But this is why I am not popular in the church world, and way more effective with people who are outside of the church. I am a strong believer in the whole bible, and nothing but the bible. It's not just because it was proven with historical documents or artifacts, it's because I chose to accept someone made this planet, and hung the stars, long before I came to the revelation of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. Anointed Works (AW) is grounded in the word, the doctrine of the word. We are not a cult as some has already wrongly accused me of. I know what cults are, and in my opinion--any group that has a “system” of their traditions, and consequences because someone stops listening to a Elder, Deacon, Pastor, and is bound by physical laws over the bible, is in danger of becoming a cult. AW does not do this, and we never will.