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Odd One Out

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Not Your Typical Minister

By now, I’m sure some are asking who am I, what am I about, what I do for a living, etc. I am many things, I am a very unique individual, and not well received by many. There is reason for this of course, but mainly because I do not embrace false doctrine, and stand on the origin texts of the whole bible which is a “controversy”. No. It’s not. But this is why I am not popular in the church world, and way more effective with people who are outside of the church. I am a strong believer in the whole Bible and nothing but the bible. It's not just because it was proven with historical documents or artifacts, it's because I chose to accept someone made this planet and hung the stars, long before I came to the revelation of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. Anointed Works (AW) is grounded in the word, the doctrine of the word. We are not a cult as some has already wrongly accused me of. I know what cults are, and in my opinion--any group that has a “system” of their traditions, and consequences because someone stops listening to a Elder, Deacon, Pastor, and is bound by physical laws over the bible, is in danger of becoming a cult. AW does not do this, and we never will.

My Goals Before I Die

I got a few of those believe it or not.

1.) Get noticed for all the right reasons, and allow Yahweh to move the company into the right light to be globally known.

2.) Complete the entire Search For The Griffin (SFTG) series.

3.) Go to L.A. as the Lord asked me to. The reason is unclear, all I know is that I’m supposed to go.

4.) See one person in the LGBT+ community read the novels, and realize that what they think, and feel is just a act of devils, and once they break out of that trance, get saved prior to reading the SFTG series. SFTG is designed, and geared towards this community, not the Christian community. I do not write for those who are well, I write for those who are sick and lost to their carnal minds, and slaves to their flesh. I am very determined to present it to someone in the community and have a genuine person give my series a chance, relate to a character(s) and come to me or the staff with questions we are so eager, and anxious to answer.

5.) Go to a con and represent my series, and have more than one person purchase the stock.

6.) Go to con where Rebecca Sugar is, be sitting across from her, and stare at her at some point, and see her finally come over to my table, and ask me, her enemy, her rival why I made SFTG to counter her Steven Universe, and other works of sin. From there, I want Rebecca Sugar to genuinely invest into my series, and read all of it, and before it’s all over... I want Rebecca Sugar to get saved so she doesn’t have to go Hell when she dies.

I am very serious about seeing others get saved for the right reasons in general, but planting seeds, and seeing SFTG impact souls is a big ambition of mine. I entered this industry in the name of Yahweh-Jehovah, not in the names of myself. I use the King James bible as a foundation, and reference for all allegories in my stories. But more importantly I do this because I, and my team were asked by Yahweh to do it, and it was not something we just did in spur of the moment. My team, and I prayed for years about it, and finally in 2018 AW became official, and so did my calling.

Spiritual warfare is real, demons, and angels are real, and people are exposing themselves to demonic influences every time they feed their spirit the opposite of what the bible teaches. If that also offends anyone who reads this post, again, I'll pray for you. There is scripture for all of these claims I've stated, and if Christians are truly saved, and truly are reading the bible I would say their spirit would bear record with what I'm saying. Then again, if Ruwah is confirming anything, and the person does not wish to receive that confirmation due to pride, doubt, and lack of faith, and they go so far as to deny the power thereof, then that is not Yahweh's fault. That is on the one who chooses to not see the truth or understand what it is I'm about or what I’m going to accomplish with my novels, and artwork.


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