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Money Issues

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Poverty Hurts

Poverty in a money demanding world is horrible. It's not helpful at all.

Yes, I'm mad at my stale situation, and lack of funds, and financial support. That is a honest confession, but I'm working on letting it go, and trusting Yahweh to provide a means, and way for everything. I was poor, and broke before AW. I'm still poor, and broke. So what's the difference? My faith in Yahweh has increased, and I refuse to take "No." for an answer. We recently have started a fundraiser for our company. So far, nothing has come in and so far, our savings account with the bank remains in a negative range. Some staff work jobs outside of AW and that's great. I wish I could help them but I'm crippled and limited as to what I can and cannot do physically. That's all right too. Our faith is strong and we trust Jehoshua, and Yahweh with this. Is it frustrating not being able to meet a goal and it seems like there's no community or family support for this ministry? Yes. Yes it is. All the time. But the way I see it... if people are going to give to us out of "obligation" or "pity" then those types of people can keep their money.


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