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Grow Up

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Stop Being A Child

I tell people all the time that aging, getting old is something we all must do, but growing up is a choice. 32 years of living and I am surrounded by children. Everywhere I have worked, every boss I’ve had out of the 15 jobs I worked were nothing but children. I am still looking forward to meeting individuals (both Christian and non-Christian) who desire to better themselves and become wise as they age. It would be nice because I have a organization and need people to work for me who I can trust. Yet all the previous workers I had claimed they were adults and could handle what I dished out so I treated them like a adults. 

They lied. They pretended to be adults but after they saw the hard reality of the real world and how the workforce behaves they broke under the pressure. Somehow, instructing my previous workers how to effectively do their job was “mean”. They said I was a dictator. They insisted I was too hard on them and while they fought me, their employer and authority and made my life miserable, these former workers still had the audacity to take advantage of my patience, kindness and friendship.

This era of entitlement is killing me. If I buy a house and give that house to someone they did not earn it it. It is a gift and they can enjoy it, but if I don’t give that house to someone and put up a sign that says, “For sale.”, then that person must buy it. If they don’t have the money then they must earn it and that’s not wrong, but evidently the lazy people (both young and mid adults) of my generation say it’s unfair and not worth their labor. I refuse to be like that. I will work hard even though so many have failed me and wounded my faith in humanity. I have passion for my ministry despite that I run everything and remain stressed out. I am fine with that and I am excited to be working hard for the Lord and waking up each day to enjoy the calling he gave me in this ministry.

I am a fair boss, slow to get angry, long suffering and open minded. I meet people where they’re at and try to work with their schedules if it’s doable, but these gestures of kindness is not to be mistaken as a invitation for my workers to lay down and watch me do their jobs. I will teach them and work beside them and never make them do something I’m not willing to do or learn to do. However if they refuse to mature and grow up I cannot help them. I can only explain to them how to be a adult and teach them social and people skills but it is up to them to decide how to apply what they’ve learned. If they’re going to act as children I will treat them as such, but the goal here is to get them from milk and on steak. Sadly I have yet to really see that in the workforce in the area of live and I have yet to hire workers who display the maturity and work ethic code I require them to have for the positions in my organization. 

Raise Your Children Properly

Honestly, parents need to sit their children down and prepare them for the workforce and how to be a responsible, seasoned adult. If parents don’t do this, they set the stage for their children to fail in the world. Granted, the parents are not responsible for poor decisions of their children, but they are responsible for what their children will learn under their roof as long as the child lives with them. Now if the parents did teach their children the right way, taught them the right skills and put them on the right path and the child still choose to be lazy and remain just that--a child then the parent is excused. Yahweh sees all and knows all. As a employer I only see what that individual will show me and say in a interview.

I am not mommy or daddy, it is not my responsible to raise a worker to behave like a reasonable, respectful adult, but lately that’s all I seem to do and the only reason I tolerate it is because I believe that every child deserves to be shown and taught how to be a adult. They still need to choose to grow up, but they can’t even being to grow up unless they are shown the proper path. I am more than just a boss of a non-profit organization. I am more than just a minister. I am a caring young woman who wants to see others excel and unlock their full potential mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I want them to be excited to part of what they do for me and one day look back on their time employed with Anointed Works (AW) and see their progress.


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