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Down With The System

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Disclaimer: I do not have a grudge against the American flag. That is not the issue. And defending the flag is not the issue, look at what I'm saying and the context of how I'm saying it. I can only verify what I am say, I cannot make you understand. That is your responsibility.


Are You Offended?

I don’t like everything Golden Girls promoted. They did support Woke Community (LGBTQ+) themes and I just can’t praise that, but in general they touched on a lot of powerful topics and messages at the same time. The Confederate flag being one of them. So how do I feel about the Confederate flag? I feel Christians who want to keep that flag and what it represents needs to remember who they spiritually represent.

So what does that mean? It means, just because a Christian like myself finds the Confederate flag's origin evil, does not mean another Christian will because it boils down perspective. I said evil because of how the flag was used. America’s flag now is supposedly representing freedom and liberty—but that isn’t true. Do I agree with what the American flag is since it's previous foundation? No. Do I agree with what the Confederate flag was and represented back during the Civil War? No. Do I agree with the Nazi flag and what Hitler made it represent despite not being German or born in Germany? No.

What people have to remember when dealing with me is this. I look at everything spiritually, wisely and rationally, as a Christian should and I apply the mindset of Christ to everything. Why would I do this? Because human views and opinions are pettiness indifferences that tend to be flawed sometime and they’re always affected by how we feel and what we think something could mean. So really what one needs to ask during these times of conflict when approaching me is,

“Artzenin, do agree with something representing you outside of the blood of Christ?”

No. I don’t. Earlier I said the Confederate flag was evil. Anything honoring sin is in fact evil, but it’s how these objects, statues and the colors used in America are often used to define a cause. If a movement is evil or righteous. People can’t jump other people (Christian or not) over these issues and accuse them of supporting a evil movement if the object of that person’s affection is not viewed as evil. To them, it is something completely different from what facts and history say it is. People who view objects of their affections for the reasons they like and value should not cater the whims of opening their mouths, using profane speech and resort to bulling those who know facts and the truth behind said objects.

However, if we are to be united this must stop. Yahweh told us in the Mikra a divided house cannot stand. Keeping that in mind, why then I would not praise or build something or start a movement that creates separation and fuels anger in people? Why would I honor something, such as the Confederate flag for instance, that stood for evil in the past and separation? A object by itself is just that. A object. It cannot hurt you. The only way objects hurt someone is if someone else uses it as a means to kill. Knives, swords, ropes, strings, wires, bats, guns, etc. are just dormant objects. Until used wrongly they are harmless. A cannon is not a person. Unlike people it cannot act on its own, someone must activate it for it to work. A computer only does what it is programmed to do. Yet the machine we call a computer houses the internet and people look at porn and child porn and set up sex trafficking, etc.

So, is my machine evil? Is the internet evil? No. Is the Confederate flag or Nazi flag evil? The object itself? No. But these resources have been used to represent evil and certain people in history who bore those images to honor their wicked cause. I am not a Jew, but if I saw the Nazi flag raised as this black actor saw the rebel flag on the counter dangling in broad view, it would create tension immediately. I wouldn’t like. Why? Because of what it represents and the blood that came with it. The internet never slayed people, it tempts people and is a source for perverted people to create traps for others. Terrible. That is terrible. So is trying to fight for a object that represented death and discrimination towards a race of individuals.

I’m tired of people of any color and nationality reacting offended when they see statues that glorified slavery taken down. The Confederate flag that was raised in the name of keeping the theory of slavery and the philosophy of slavery was direct defiance to God’s will. God did not create humans to be slaves to anyone of anyone color of any gender (male, and female). God did not ordain or approve of the Confederate and Nazi flag no more than the American flag, despite that our nation's flag is not a problem or offensive.

Know your Bible. It's not in there. You cannot find doctrine that would praise the usage of creating objects or banners like the Confederate flag that honor sin. We the humans made those things of the past, not God. Everything Yahweh makes is good and doesn’t kill people over their color. Christians who deceive themselves into thinking they can wear certain colors of history, and shrug off the blood, and death that comes with that are doing a disservice to Yahweh, and to the races who were persecuted under those colors.

Think I’m being too hard? Okay. How about I go put a go out and whip a human harden than anyone of this era has ever been whipped, beat them until they’re unrecognized, shove a crown of thorns around their head, then hammer nails into their wrists and feet and shove a spear into their side—and take a photo of that person like that and put it on a flag. Then take that same flag and raise it up in front of you, and argue,

“It means freedom of sin, this isn’t bad. I just like it for this reason (insert reason).”

And completely reject the facts and the truth behind how that flag was made and what it represented and the person I crucified to get the image to use for the flag. And flash that in your face and you happen to be the parent of the person I murdered and now are expected to agreed with my reasons for liking the flag, with your child’s face on it. You watch me raise it in my truck, you watch me spread it over a community table and because I’m petty and want to use my civil human rights when confronted about it—you watch me get mad and cuss you and anyone who tells me the flag is offensive and it, plus the statues of that era has to come down.

Do I agree with how people are removing the statues? No. Should they have ever been built to start with? No. Why? Because God said do not have idols or graven images. It applies now, but no one listens. Guess what? I listen. Guess who’s glad they’re being torn down? Me. Guess who’s thrilled the Confederate flag needs to come down? Me. But not for the reasons you would think. I want all objects and hate group flags that aren’t of God to come down. I want all things that are not of God and further segregation/division to come down and be thrown into the fire. Sadly Christ must return before that will happen. Because humanity is too selfish, proud and petty to do it themselves.


Copyright © 2020 Artzenin Eklektós

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektós


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