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Do Not Kill Others With Your Mouth

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

“The aim of Christianity is not to destroy the soul, but the sin.”

--Artzenin Eklektos

As a minister it is so important keep that in mind when dealing with anyone, but especially when I run into people who openly want to debate "religion". I know I do not follow religion, but I cannot convince people of that, nor can I stress how much "religion" is not biblical nor what makes up who the Godhead is at their core. James simply said pure and genuine religion in the eyes of God is not what humans say it is. It is caring for the fatherless, the widows and not allowing the power of the world corrupt you.

And that is the only place I see this word used in this way and it not said as a means to promote the word. I'm not here to destroy someone with my knowledge. I have deep knowledge and understanding despite what some people and groups think. I'm not here to impress those people and I certainly am not here to destroy the ones who question me over what I do. I get frustrated at that, it drives me nuts, but if I destroy people with my mouth, the tongue that is the hardest beast to tame, James also says one's religion is worthless if they cannot control the mouth.


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