I Want Out

Updated: Feb 19

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Blog post by Artzenin Eklektós

If I could go home to shamayim right now, and walk up to the holy throne of Yahweh-Jehovah, Jehoshua, and Ruwah, I would look them in the face (for I would be a spirit and can afford to look upon their faces) and ask them 3 questions.

1.) Why did you knit me in the womb, and send me down there? The culture of the world is ridiculous, and there was no support for the gift you gave me, yet you gave me that talent that I know I couldn’t use for myself or for gain, as it is was your gift. A gift that was overlooked and not supported. I wanted to destroy the artwork and stories that I’ve been writing to you since 1994. Why did you give it to me, then not allow the good works to be completed? Or open a door to provide since nothing else did?

2.) Why send or allow the animals, like the Fox, and the Scorpion, and Mocking Bird, and so many more into my life who did what they did to me? I think I see why, but I just don’t understand these animals of the earth, and don’t care for their company at all.

3.) Can I just stay up here until Armageddon? Can I just stay with you? All I ever wanted was you, all I ever wanted to be was yours anyway. Physical realm is exhausting, and depressing. Lord, can’t I just say with you, forever?