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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Friendly Advice

To Christians that are rising celebrities such as myself or simply a Christian in a position that desires to be recognized by your boss, peers, parents, teachers, etc. Look, in order to call yourself a walking testimony for the Lord you must first go through a test. In order to bring a message you must first suffer a mess and see how the Lord cleaned that area if your life up so you could even mention such a story to someone else. You can’t instantly be known and you can’t instantly have fame. It is a process, one that requires patience, prayer and careful planning on your part.

However if you cannot go through the seasons of growth and struggle and allow the Lord to trim you and mold you, how can you say then you are a product of success? Your success is not found in the world. It is found in Christ and he will add to the increase if he sees fit to do so. But whether you are known locally or globally for what you’re doing or get the recognition from someone remember that you must do all things for the glory of God. Joseph was to be a ruler, but what did he suffer for several years prior to being crowned pharaoh?

What was he doing while waiting and also suffering in unfair circumstances? He kept the Lord as his focus and worked hard. His title meant nothing without God. Keep that in mind as you face trials, failure, rejection and disappointments. Don’t look backwards. You’re not going that way. But even going forward you must be willing to suffer and know that Christ goes through all those things with you. Christ suffered and even said,

“Who can drink from my cup of sorrows?”

With God all things are possible. I said I would drink from the cup of sorrows and here I am years leader still suffering. I will build this fame he has called me to with him and do exactly as he says. For obedience is better than sacrifice. 


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