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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

"I can't breathe!"

--George Floyd

> Listen to Lecrae Moore' s reaction.

I found what Lecrae said about the incident with George Floyd very fascinating. What he said was the right and mature way to respond to this situation with Mr. Floyd. However I would like to take a moment and say those four men just in case the church has forgotten, have a soul. The tragedy is not Mr. Floyd. It is the four men who are lost. I say this based on how the Bible says we can know people by their fruits (actions).

Also, I am aware of Mr. Floyd's past and what he did to those people and what was in his body upon his death. Even so, it is not up to the police or someone else in the community to take life unless they have a actual, legit reason to do it. If your life is threatened and you're defending yourself that's one thing. For a man or woman to rise up and express bias, hatred and dislike of someone and go so far as to murder them in cold blood is wrong. I do not know their hearts, only the fruits they bear.

Let's say for sake of argument they're saved. They need to repent of their behavior. Let's also say, for sake of argument, they're not saved. Guess what? They still must repent because godly men and women do not behave like that. My personal reaction to this is similar to brother Lecrae's. This conflict against people in the world we see today is not about race—I want to make that clear. Getting real tired of hearing my so called “people” blame others for everything that has happened to them.

Look. Black people kill black people. Latinos kill whites, whites kill whites, blacks kill whites, red and yellow skinned also kill people so please don’t come at this thinking it’s a race issue. What happened to Mr. Floyd is a sin issue and a devil issue and the Bible backs me up 100 percent. You who are my fellow brother and sisters in the faith I ask that you pray for those men and for them to be broken. Or does the church forget that Paul was at the stoning of Steven and delivered the Christians of that era to be put to death? Do they forget that Joshua, David and Samson also took life? Granted it was by the command of God those men took life for a just cause, but David later on in his life murdered Uriah because he had sex with his wife and impregnated her.

A kill like that was most certainly not for warfare or self-defense purposes whatsoever. So how could that happen? How could people Yahweh called to serve him fall so quickly and do such terrible acts? Sin is the reason. That disease Lucifer injects into us from the womb is what tempts us and influences us and that same influence is what our flesh desires. It is also sin and devils who enjoy seeing discord and division. They love it and desire to tempt us and see us fall into their ploys.

I personally want the black communities to stop acting like they are somehow be justified to be more angry than a Caucasian, Latino, Russian Irish, Dutch, French, etc. who is not black. Anyone with a heart and anyone who knows the feeling of loss and pain is angry at this situation as well as several more since Mr Floyd's passing. But more than us Yahweh-Jehovah, Ruwah and Jehoshua Christ are upset. They hate wickedness. They detest feet that rush to spill and shed innocent blood. But remember, Christ died for all and said it is not the will of the Father that any perish, but all the sheep come in.

I know people, Christians included, who are so mad they don’t want to see those who do wrong live, especially when brutality of any kind from any race and unfairness is demonstrated against the victim. They need to back up and remember who we serve. Yahweh will repay, vengeance is the Lord’s for a reason. Meanwhile Christian need to pray for the families and friends who have lost so many in this year of 2020 and we also need to pray for those all those guilty of slaying people to get a reality hit from heaven, from God himself so when their time comes to leave this earth they can enter into the kingdom with the true assembly of Christ.

Such lost souls are the real tragedies here. They are the ones who can’t “breathe” because their sin and darkness is suffocating them to death and I’m not okay with that. I hate what is happening around me with a passion, but I also hate how sin has so many men and women blinded to what is really going on. As far as I'm concerned, wicked devils are the true brutality putting their knees over humanity's neck and suffocating the lost to death.


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