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Updated: Jun 14, 2022


So tell me, pro choice supporters, does these images make you flinch? Do you feel good about the choices you’ve made? Would you do this to yourself and not care? If you say yes you’re missing the point and I seriously doubt you want to feel objects cutting you in pieces. How do you live with yourselves? How do you do this to your own child and call it freedom of choice? When a man overcomes a woman, and takes her sexually and hurts her, stabs her up, and kills her people say that’s awful, and it is. The screams she makes as she’s been overtaken and hurt, is not the cries of someone who is “enjoying” the rape. If someone lynches a person for their race, or gender, or because they choose a lifestyle God forbids, let’s look closely at the morality of code for a second. A human being was physically hung, and killed... they felt that and I won’t believe for a second they were thinking,

“This is awesome, I am so glad someone with their free will did this to me, and made a pro choice to hang me!”

No. They’re not thinking that when the rope is burning their skin, cutting off air supply, and eventually ending them. They weren’t thinking that when someone hunted them down, beat them up, tarred, and feathered their skin. Look at my people, who are also your people. Grown men, and woman, children, elder. Slain because of racist, evil people who proudly pointed up at those victims and liked what they did. Abortion is no different. It is not a choice, it is a felony, a crime under the laws of heaven. Yahweh said to Pharaoh,

“Let my people go!”

Slavery wasn’t supposed to be a thing. Cheating on ones spouse, lying, cheating, stealing, witchcraft, LGBT, warfare, none d this was Yahweh’s design, was Yahweh’s choice. We, our grandparents messed up that choice for everyone because free will both for spirits and humans, decided the fate for future generations. If humanity wants to keep arguing over what pro-choice is, and over religions let them. Let them. But understand Yahweh and Jehoshua are the only deity who said evil is evil, there is a line, and there is consequences for your actions, actual penalties for your crimes on earth and under heaven. They hold us accountable for these wretched behaviors the world labels “legal”, and “my choice”.

Just because we have free will, does not mean we should abuse it. It not a invitation or permit to go out and commit sin in name or “religion”, in the name of “god” or in the name of choice. If our choices reveal bad actions. If our choices result in the death of people in the womb, or like those in these pictures, people need to back up, and take a hard look in the mirror. It is true the enemy is devils, and sin, and powers of the air, meaning forces you cannot see, but not even devils can force us to commit sin, they can omit tempt. Christ said temptation is not the sin, but if we give in and commit the action it is sin.

I cannot stop abortion, no more than the salve trend today, or clans who still feel certain groups of people must die, because they don’t matter. Funny. Those other gods don’t see, to care about any of these things. They only care about themselves and want followers. That’s pagan deities who are repost just devils (read the book of Enoch, Isaiah, and prophet books to understand) but Yahweh the true living God, hates this. He is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

He will not pardon us from these crimes, and women who say to me they’re proud of their abortion do you not know, you will be judged when you go out of this world? Do you not know that the mikra calls shedding of innocent blood, the act of murder (not self defense or warfare that’s allowed), is sin and the wages of sin is death? Christ died so you didn’t have to, Christ took that beating for you, and her we are 2019 going on 2020, further proving to Yahweh why we needed intervention, and a Savior to help us.

Those blacks in those pictures by the way, are not niggers, a petty word that means sorry lazy worker. The sorry last workers were the ones who beat them, raped them, sold them, and refused to help them, and later formed groups like KKK. That petty, that’s lazy, that’s sorry. Babies are not toys, are alive just not the way selfish foxes want them to be so they can’t feel bad about saying they don’t matter because they’re a mere embryo. If people read closely, especially in Enoch, Yahweh reviews the act of what was labeled “destruction of the embryo In the womb”.

Wow, so the book that is fully part of the Bible that they removed actually called it that? What’s that sound like pro life people? Read it again. Again and again until the truth convicts you so hard you break down crying. And that reference was Old Testament to top it off. Look at these photos and ask yourself did my people, who are your people too, choose that fate? Did they want this? No? Okay. Neither does a baby who cannot choose to fight against it. If babies could fight back, if they could speak, it would be amazing, but even then these women would argue you “my choice.”

Then I suppose when Christ says to those women and any who die without him on their judgment day,

“Depart from mom your worker of iniquity (wickedness). I never knew you.”

When they claim God is being unfair He can argue to them,

“Your choice.”


Copyright © 2020 Artzenin Eklektós

Blog post written by Artzenin Eklektós


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