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Artzenin Eklektós, Founder

Rachel Wilson (Artzenin Eklektós) is the CEO/Founder & President at Anointed Works and the CEO/Founder of AE Publishing. She is the first AEP Author, a GoodReads Author & the Novelist of the Search For The Griffin series and a allegory specialist. She enjoys AEP as her publisher mainly because she can work at her pace and isn't strapped down by a deadline. Plus her staff is just as laid back as she is.

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Harper Viotto, Literary Agent

Alcohol lover with class (but not a alcoholic) and AEP's favorite social media junkie. Pro Gamer that packs a punch during a Halo match and happily likes to sleep in on work days as well as her work days. Somehow in the middle of Harper's laziness and wine sipping adventures she puts on a suit and pulls back the hair to properly represent Artzenin as her publisher. If Artzenin is lucky, she can get Harper to put down the wine and out of bed long enough to assists her in sale and deal negotiations.

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A professional Afrifican man.

Darius King, Beta Reader

Dairus is surrounded mainly by women at AE Publishing. His is 1 of 2 males that works for the company and is okay being out numbered oddly enough. When he's not curled up at home reading through Artzenin's manuscripts, he likes to walk his two dogs and pick up a box of Dunkin donuts to munch on after a long workout at the gym. 

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AE Publishing Mission Statement


This is a Christian independent publishing house that is protected by the Constitution's 1st Amendment of the United States and The United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights, Article 18 and Article 30. This means AE Publishing (AEP) proudly and legally does not support LGBTQ+, same-sex marriage, abortion, rape, sex, porn, fornication, pedophilia, witchcraft/magic, cannibalism, etc.  authors or characters. We support Christian,  non-Christian authors or characters who seek to expose the wrong in these sinful lifestyles and desire to preserve and protect morality in general. Artzenin's novels show sin for what it is, but she in no means supports it, glorifies it or allows her content to accept it as "normal". The modern world is changing, but this nation was founded on the truth of the real Bible and our publishing house has authorized Bible scholars who have presented the case of truth and God to us. The Bible is proven historical document with real evidence, artifacts and locations. We choose to obey Yahweh rather than modern liberals and flawed corrupted laws that Acts 5: 19 pardons us from.

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Library Of Congress


AEP cannot legally copyright your works, but we can pay for them. Let it be known the Library Of Congress is the only entity in the United States that can copyright your works. Please keep in mind that AEP does not offer legal advice or protection. Following copyright laws is the responsibility of you as a AEP author because you  need to retain the copyrights to when it is published on For more information regarding copyrights, check out the United States Copyright Office online at Select the copyright license that best suits your work. Visit  our Copyright Office FAQ to learn more.

Manuscript Requirements

What You Need To Know

AEP does not  require a Query Letter or a Cover Letter to process your application. It is optional and it does not determine whether or not we will take your manuscript. We are digital based so you will need to email us a digital copy of your manuscript and if you decide to, your Query Letter and Cover Letter. What determines if our staff will look and edit a manuscript is listed below. 

> Violation of Terms Of Service
> Refusal to sign Agreement Contract.

We do not turn anyone away as long as you abide by our conditions. This publishing house does not support sin and is made to help mainly Christian authors, but we do look at secular authors and will help them too, but if secular authors violate our terms of service, we reserve the right to reject their manuscripts. As a the author, you, the Author, keep all rights of your book, characters and have a say so as to what we can edit or modify. AEP will ask permission to edit and offer constructive suggestions for your manuscript. You do not have to apply what we suggest, but realize our staff is required to fine tune manuscripts and condition them to their full potential. If you reject our suggestions that is fine, but understand it may hurt the quality of your manuscript and the message you are tying to convey to your readers. Contracts are mandatory and 100% negotiable


Application Process

To get started, send AEP a email and in the body of the email, tell us what genre your book is and what kind of services you need. Editing, proof reading, beta reading, etc. All of our services are freely given and you are charged nothing. Make sure you also read and send a digital signed copy of the Agreement Contract. If you wish to discuss the conditions of your contract or have suggestions you want to add to it, you must request these changes with our staff before you sign. If you sign, but later decide AEP isn't for you, just let us know and we will delete your contract, which will free you of any ties to our organization.

We're Hiring!

Full-time/Part-Time & Freelance

We do a little bit of everything and offer our services for free. Artzenin made this small company for herself originally and is over all production at AEP, but she tends to leave the more complicated tasks to her staff. If you would like to join AE Publishing please understand it is a non-profit company that cannot pay its workers unless they are freelance workers bound by contract. If working for free does not suit you, then you do not qualify to apply for the positions in the company because all positions you see on the application are for volunteer workers. If working for a small fee as a Freelance is your preferred method for for hire, you qualify for employment, but your employment is temporary with a deadline. Once a freelance worker's contract is completed he/she can either apply for another contract or simply move on.

> Apply here.



Contract: Yes

Payment is $50.00 USD per manuscript. You must finish your editing within 30 days in order to be paid.

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Proof Reader

Contract: Yes

Payment is $20.00 USD per manuscript. You must finish your editing within 30 days in order to be paid.



Looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and help get the gears turning? Hop on a Zoom call with Artzenin for inspiration and much more. Free of charge.

Moral Storytelling

Want sources for inspiration and input from Christian authors? We got you covered. Telling a story is easy. Telling a story that teaches right from wrong and promoting Yahweh, is harder and requires more effort than average. 


If you find yourself in need of a Editor or Proof Reader, we will do it for you. Free of charge. 

eBook Cover Design 

Need a digital cover for your eBook? Let us create it for you. Free of charge.


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AE Publishing® is a Christian non-profit company that help authors reach their ultimate writing potential.

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Want to send us a message? If you need to get in touch with us you an send us a message via email or reach out to us on social media. 

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