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Here you can see a list of people who have passed that were important to Artzenin. Currently there is only 1 deceased, but more will be added in the future.

Living Her Memory


Racheal R. Wilson

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Artzenin's novel series, Search For The Griffin, is dedicated in loving memory to her beloved mentor, M K. Miller. If you would like to listen to the funeral song Artzenin selected for her mentor's passing, just click the play button on the video, and unmute it. Some may understand the lyrics of the song, some may not. However, Artzenin chose this song because it is exceptionally personal, and expresses Artzenin's longing to reunite with someone she cares for, but can't see right now. Artzenin doesn't mind waiting and understands she will never see her mentor until death claims her as it did Kathy, freeing her from her physical shell. When that comes for Artzenin, she will happily join Kathy in heaven with their Lord and Savior, Jehoshua Christ.


Listen to Kathy's funeral send off song Artzenin choose for her.

In Loving Memory


Kathy M. Miller

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Kathy departed from this earthly life on March 15, 2020 at a Hospice care center in Hazard Kentucky in the nation of the USA. She was many things. A mother, grandmother, friend to several, and a college professor at HTCT. However, she was also Artzenin's mentor for several years. After Artzenin left college, they stayed in contact, and met on several occasions to practice writing together. They also attend writer workshops together, and became closer as years passed. Kathy helped Artzenin become the writer she is today. What makes her special from everyone else is Kathy's willingness to read Artzenin's manuscript. She first to read, and edit it the manuscript (for free), and this kind action from Kathy left a huge impression on Artzenin's.

Artzenin met Kathy in 2007 when she decided to take some classes at HTCT, a local community college in the city of Jackson. From day one the moment they met Artzenin had respect for Kathy. Course material was hard and it challenged Artzenin in ways she wasn't use to. She was sure she'd fail Kathy's class, but Kathy set time aside to help her understand the material and offered tutor sessions on her own time. Kathy did not get paid to do this, she helped Artzenin simply because she saw a hard working student that had some learning difficulties and wanted to see her excel. At the time Artzenin did not take her calling seriously, but Kathy saw it and always had a way of dropping hints and trying to show Artzenin her buried talent was worth investing in. Artzenin wouldn't be the Author and Novelist she is today had Kathy not pushed her and believed in her.