Rachel Renee Wilson (Artzenin Eklektós) lives in the nation of the United States and currently resides in the state of Kentucky.  She delights in being single and having the freedom to write her novels without domestic responsibilities to balance. She is the Founder, CEO and President of her non-profit organizations Anointed Works, AE Publishing® and the Head Minister of her independent online school, Unaligned Academy. Artzenin teaches origin texts of Hebrew and Greek in her novels and focuses on platonic soulmate themes between opposite and same sex relationships.

Image by Rubén García

Testimony (Offline)

We are still creating Artzenin's interview video. We want to bring you the highest quality and content and that takes times. When her interview video is finalized and ready to view, we will post here in this section for you to enjoy. In the meantime, you can watch and listen to the music video by Lecrae that very much expressed where Artzenin was when she had a mental health crisis.

All About Artzenin

Artzenin is a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) graduate from University Of The Nations and earned a DTS (Discipleship Training School) Certificate. Artzenin self-taught herself how to draw anime and became a illustrator during highschool. She is a published Author, Novelist of her original series, Search For The Griffin. She primary specializes in purifying secular works and making Biblical allegories for young adult audiences, but her main targeted audience she writes for is the LGBTQ+ community. She obtained her minister credentials in 2018 and became licensed clergy through her organization's charter.






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