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Welcome to the official website of Artzenin Eklektós, the beloved author of Search For The Griffin. Delve into Artzenin's creative works and explore the stories that have captured the hearts of saved and non-saved readers. From award-winning Christian fiction to gripping tales of adventure, Artzenin's stories will take you on a journey of the imagination. Uncover secrets in all the segements of the series, meet memorable characters, learn their stories and discover the secrets of SFTG today. 



AE Server

If you are a true born again Christian or a sincere fan of Artzenin's work, you can contact support and ask to join AE, a private Discord server that lets you connect with the author one-on-one, read never before seen projects, read freshly completed manuscripts, view eBook cover designs and exclusive artwork that will never be shown anywhere else.  To join AE you must download Discord if don't already have it. You will be required to answer a questionnaire after requesting the link to join AE. Those questions are:

1.) Are you a fan of Artzenin's work and want to learn more about the series?

2.) Are you a real, sincere Christian and agree with the Book (Bible) and its laws? This means you do not support sin or sinful lifestyles of any kind and do not endorse such things and are against it.

3.) Are you a minor?

You must answer truthfully to these questions. Depending on what you say will determine if you can join AE or not. To clarify, you cannot be a Christian and join AE, but it is a Christian server that upholds Christian values and ethics 24/7. Artzenin herself is an ordained minister and her Christian fantasy series addresses several topics and themes that point directly to Yahweh, Ruach Ho Kadesh and Yeshua Christ. Minors under the age of (15) cannot join AE even if they get permission from their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). If you are offended by this, Christianity in general, the discussion of the novels that center in Godly morals or disagree with our requirements, do not request the link to join AE. If you lie about your age just to join and we find out about it, you will be banned from the server and your account with us will be terminated. To get an invite, please tap the chat bubble, fill out the form and in your message state that you want to join Artzenin's Discord server.


If you like what you're reading and want to support Artzenin, you can donate to her PayPal or purchase novels, lores and merch from the Shop. Your purchases act as donations will help keep the website running and support Artzenin's living expenses. Before you can donate through the Shop you must create an account. Once you do this, the Shop will open up for you and you will have access to various catalogs. Some catalogs are finished and some are still in the process of becoming finished. No matter what catalog you browse and make purchases from, the Shop is designed to support for Artzenin. Remember, you can read excerpts, novels and lores for free and download copies for personal use or personal use with the intent to share with others and do not have to purchase the novels from the Shop. If you purchase the free content from the Shop it acts strictly as a donation towards Artzenin. All donations are $1.00 USD in the Shop, but if you choose to donate to her PayPal then you can decide the amount you wish to give her.

Milieu | Book I

A future space hallway with lights.

This is the first novel of  the M Series of SFTG. This novel offers an in-depth exploration of the complex and fascinating world of characters, providing readers with a detailed history of their lives and struggles.

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